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a man cutting reinforced concrete using a handheld patrol saw

About us

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Pollux Tools manufactures, imports and exports professional and high quality tools for sawing, cutting, drilling, grinding and brushing of various raw materials (natural and artificial) that are sold around the world.

Pollux Tools manufactures using the OEM method in factories around the world while designing and developing the products by us with close supervision and control using our company's engineers for the production processes. All our products meet international standards and are manufactured under the conditions of ISO supervision and control.

We work with the best manufacturers in the world, with global expertise in the development of a wide range of professional tools, using the raw materials with the highest quality and highest standards and the most advanced technologies, all to ensure the highest level of workmanship of our products.

Pollux Tools (Novover Holdings Ltd.) is an authorized supplier of the Israeli Ministry of Defense No. 0011021924

Our products are suitable for working with a large variety of raw materials such as concrete, green concrete, reinforced concrete, glass, wood, porcelain, ceramics, sandstone, limestone, Jerusalem stone, granite, marble, iron, steel, stainless steel, and more.

During the final production, each product undergoes a wide range of stringent tests in order to test its reliability, durability, and quality, including advanced laboratory tests and various standardized tests, including the Israeli Standards Institute (as required).

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality tools available and the highest quality personal service.

Our main vision is to remain the leading and most innovative in the field, with the main emphasis being the most advanced technologies and in collaboration with the world's leading enterprises.

Our Vision

Our Products

  • Our products meet the safety standard.

  • All processes: Raw material selection, design and final production comply with ISO 9001 standard.

  • We endeavor to ensure that the production process preserves the environment.

  • The selection of raw materials is done carefully, with the main purpose being to use the raw materials of the highest quality.

Our products guarantee professionalism, accuracy, efficiency, reliability and safety.

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