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How to work with table saw?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

· Pay attention to the condition of slide bearings (for bridge type table saws) and condition of roller carriage bearings (for console-type table saws)

· Use clamps and stops if possible

· In case of significant loss of cutting capacity, expose (sharpen)* the blade with abrasive materials

· Keep the working area and the table saw clean

· Change the water at least once per shift. Grinding dust in water polished the cutting edges of diamonds and worsens the heat dissipation from the cutting area. These two factors negatively affect the lifetime of the tool. The dirtier the water, the worse the blade cuts!

· To perform straight precise cuts, operate in several passages (if allowed by the design of the table saw)

· Feed direction should always be towards work blank clamp

· When finishing the cut, to avoid the formation of finishing chipping, hold the processing material and minimize the feed

· Do not overload the blade, cut easily and without load. If force is applied, the deformation of the blade is possible, which will reduce the cutting ability of the blade.

· Never change the rotation direction of the blade. This will lead to thinning of the diamond layer and grinding over the core.

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