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Marble cutting

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It's time to redesign your kitchen. We bought a new product, maybe a stove, maybe a new and interesting sink. It looks, it's chic, it fits the design. And yet - it does not fit our marble. what can be done? First of all, the sink or stove we purchased may not fit the existing marble configuration in our kitchen - simply because today, these products are usually manufactured in higher and larger sizes than they were in the past. So if in the past marble was cut, for the marble in our kitchen, to accommodate and populate the sink and hob in the dimensions that were, today the marble cutting to its existing dimensions needs to be expanded and upgraded to fit the new dimensions of the sinks and hobs - as many are measured today. Now, what do you do when you want to fit a new sink or hob to the existing marble structure? Re-manufactured marble can be cut to create new gaps in the marble, which can fit the new products we want to upgrade our kitchen with. There are also other options, like marble raising, which are not covered in this article. The marble is cut at the customer's home, by a special saw that the marble man brings with him. This is because marble is a hard material, and of course it is not so easy to bring it back to the factory, since it is likely that the customer will not be interested in this option, at least in a considerable number of cases. Each type of marble has a special saw for it, since marble cutting is performed efficiently, easily and professionally by the marble man, as the above knows according to his certification and we have tried. There are types of marble that are stiffer than other types, so The specific marble we work with - can make the difference in excellent and successful marble cutting work. Finally, it is worth noting that we have talked here in this article about marble cutting in favor of installing a stove and a new sink - the reason we chose this topic in the context of marble cutting, is that according to many experts - these are the most common reasons for marble cutting. If any of us have other reasons to be interested in marble cutting, you can contact us and bring them up for discussion. Thanks for reading.

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