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This continuous rim (J-slot) diamond blade is designed for a particularly high quality and efficient cutting of ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, granite and all natural stone. The blade allows a clean cut (without cracking) in a wide selection of raw materials . With this blade we achieve a long life together with low material processing costs. A broad application of natural and processed materials can be universally applied
This blade is of a PRO series
This blade is available in diameters: 125mm (5"), 180mm (5"), 200mm (8"), 230mm (9"), 250mm (10"), 300mm (12"), 350mm (13.8") and 400mm (16").
blades in diameters from 125mm (6") to 400mm (16") come with reducing rings for the inner holes in diameters 25.4 / 32 / 60mm so you can work with the blade on any bridge saw (stationary and portable) or CNC machine.
Manufacturer Country: Germany
Production Country: Ukraine

GRANITE PREMIUM, Continuous rim diamond blade

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