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Turbo diamond blade is designed for high quality and efficient cutting of ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, granite and all natural stone. The blade allows for a clean cut (without cracking) in a wide selection of raw materials. With this diamond blade we achieve long lifetime together with low material processing costs. Universal application of a wide range of natural and processed materials. Ultra high cutting speed and universal application.
This blade is of a PRO series
This blade is available in diameters: 180mm (7"), 200mm (8"), 230mm (9") and 250mm (10").
This blade come with a reducing ring for inner hole in diameters 25.4 / 32mm so you can work with the discs on any bridge saw (stationary and portable) or CNC machine.
Manufacturer Country: Germany
Production Country: Ukraine


GRES ULTRA, turbo diamond blade

SKU: 11120159017
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