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  • Availability and Inventory
    The website shows the availability of each product at Pollux Tools. The availability of each product in inventory can also be found out over the phone.
  • Ordering Online
    Pollux Tools products can be ordered online by filling out an order form (after adding the product to the site’s shopping basket). The sale rep will get back to you (via phone, email or text message) to confirm the transaction or to update the offer and approve it on a final basis and arrange the payment. The order is only valid with the issue of an invoice and payment in practice. Just filling out the details and making the order on the site do not constitute a complete translation! Billing will only take place after the order is confirmed or an invoice is produced. Failure to bill means that no transaction took place between the ordering party and the Company. Leaving payment details, by themselves, do not compel the Company to make the transaction. After the order, you will be contacted (by phone, email or text message) to confirm the order or to fill in the details needed to complete the order. “Pollux Tools” and/or “Novobor Holdings Ltd.” retain the option not to carry out a certain order or cancel an order at any time, at the sole discretion of “Pollux Tools” and/or “Novobor Holdings Ltd.”.
  • Cost of Delivery
    Delivery costs are as noted on the Pollux Tools website. The cost of delivery comes in addition to the cost of the order itself.
  • Payment Options Upon Ordering
    Payment may be made using a credit card owned by a permanent Israeli resident (except for Diners Club, American Express and postal charged cards). Payment may also be made using bank transfers. Products will be supplied within 6 business days form the day confirmation of the bank transfer was received in an online delivery order (check or cash payments are not allowed).
  • Payment Options
    Credit Card Up to 6 payments may be made via credit card with no interest inasmuch as the payment is at least 250 NIS, credit card transactions shall be carried out using Israeli credit cards only (with the exception of Diners Club, American Express and postal charge cards). Bank Transfer Payment may be made via bank transfer for the sum of the purchase to the Company's account. The goods shall be supplied after absolute confirmation is received that the money has been received from the bank (no fewer than 6 business days). The bank account details can be received when making the order. Leaving the details of the means of payment in a secure outside clearance page, we emphasize that the clearance page is external to the site and managed by a company specializing in providing such services, the company operates in accordance with the PCI standard. Details of means of payment are not saved by Pollux at any stage of the process. By moving to the external clearance page and leaving the payment details, the customer waives any claim against Pollux regarding misuse of their means of payment that may derive from penetration to the database of the company operating the external clearance page. The privacy of site users for the purpose of receiving a proposal, completing an order and/or providing additional information the customer will wish to leave at the site (such as name, telephone number address, email). This information is needed to complete the actions requested by the customer. This information shall not be handed over to third parties, except in cases we will be required to do so by law and/or court order and/or a binding demand from a certified authority. Information containing data on means of payment is not saved, stored or recorded on Pollux Tools information systems. Instead, it is saved on the information systems of a company specializing in providing these types of services, which has a PCI standard.
  • Transaction Cancellation and Product Return Policy
    Customers may cancel transactions and return products purchased using this site in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law 1981 and resulting regulations (the Law and resulting regulations shall hereinafter be called “the Law”). Merely making the order at the site does not constitute a sale (see online order section in above bylaws). The customer is required to check the product immediately upon delivery! In accordance with the law, the cancellation notice can be sent from the date the transaction took place up to 14 days from the delivery of the product or the receipt of the disclosure form, whichever comes last. The cancellation notice must include the full name of the customer and the phone number and be delivered to the Company in writing (including via email and/or fax). Products must be returned in their original packaging. In order to coordinate the product’s return, contact must be made with Pollux Tools customer service, but in any event the cost of returning the product shall be at the customer’s expense and not that of the Company and/or Pollux Tools. In the event that the transaction is cancelled and subject to the law, Pollux Tools shall be entitled to deduct cancellation fees from the sum it must repay the customer (5% of the value of the transaction or 100 NIS, whichever is lower). In addition, Pollux Tools shall be entitled to deduct clearance commissions.
  • Product Supply
    Pollux Tools shall act to supply the product up to 6 business days from the transaction's approval by the Company. Different supply times will be possible at distant sites. Billing for delivery and the final supply date shall be provided by the completion of the purchase. So as to remove all doubts, business days are Sundays to Thursdays not including Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and holiday eves. Upon providing the product, an ID card/license/Israeli passport must be presented, which match the credit card information.
  • Product Delivery by Courier
    “Pollux Tools” offers a home delivery service, the service is provided in certain areas only that are updated from time to time at the Company’s sole discretion. Currently, the delivery service is offered in towns between Haifa and Beersheba. In addition, deliveries to more distant locations or beyond the Green Line, inasmuch as they take place, may exceed the delivery time. There are certain towns (which are considered out of the way), and therefore the cost to deliver to them may be higher. The final charge for the delivery is as noted by the Company before the transaction is billed. In its deliveries, Pollux Tools reserves the right to demand the presence of the card holder. In addition, their identification shall be copied by the courier to verify the product’s receipt.
  • Unusual Products
    Self-assembled products, or special orders in accordance with specifications, such as diamond blades for floors with a distribution circle or a certain segments or drilling cups with a certain segment, cannot be supplied in regular times as they are orders special from manufacturers around the world. In addition, it’s possible that they cannot be sent by delivery, and can only be collected from warehouses only.
  • Deal or Sale
    Items in the “deal” or “sale” category offered from floor models are products whose packaging has been damaged or which have no original packaging or whose model has been discontinued or which the Company is interested in selling at a reduced cost. We emphasize that these products are not used and no use has been made of them in practice and the warranty for them shall be defined upon purchase.
  • Proprietary Rights and Trademarks
    All proprietary rights and intellectual property on the site, including its design, software, applications, compute codes, graphical files, images, video clips, designs, texts, specifications and any other information on the site and/or anything connected to it, are the exclusive property of Novobor Holdings Ltd. and no use shall be made of them without the approval of Novobor Holdings Ltd. and/or by party certified by it. Trademarks may not be used without Novobor Holdings Ltd.’s advance written approval.
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