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how to cut reinforced concrete?

Updated: May 13, 2020

For overall result it is very important to make first pilot cut. Pilot cut will serve as a guide for following cuts, its straightness plays a crucial role. Pilot cut is performed on depth not more than 5-10 cm , with 60% of machine’s power, avoiding going through reinforcements. Spindle of the machine during pilot cutting should be in the “pull” position. (see picture).

The following cuts are performed on 100% power and depth of up to 15 cm depending on material and the power of the machine. Concrete cutting scheme is shown below.

Try to avoid cutting of longitudinal reinforcement (if it is possible). In case if cutting of longitudinal reinforcement is unavoidable, it is necessary to slow down the rotation speed of the blade and the pressure on it. With vertical feed cut through whole reinforcement by deepening the blade into the concrete. After penetration perform longitudinal cutting. In this case the blade will take only a partial load. This will ease the cutting process. Otherwise, there is a big possibility of jamming of the blade or breakaway of segments.

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