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How do you drill a hole in a core?

Updated: May 13, 2020

In practice, depending on the task, drilling can be performed in vertical, horizontal and angle direction. Every position has its aspects


Optimal option for using the tool. There are no difficulties in per-forming tasks when following general rules


Diamond drill bit is attached as a cantilever. Significant vibrations and drill bit run-out can occur. In these conditions it is especially important to monitor the state of the equipment. Even smallest spacing gaps in guiding ways of the stand base can cause a significant run-out of the drill bit, which makes the drilling in process difficult and can cause jamming and breakage of the drill bit. It is necessary to be prepared for slower cutting speed and lesser lifetime of the drill bit. If possible, increase the water feed or use the draining pumps with portable containers. It is recommended to avoid applying excess force to the handle of the drilling machine so that diamond segments are not damaged.

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