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Factors affecting the concrete cutting process

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The same diamond tools can work differently depending on the conditions of use. Performance parameters of the tool depend on eight factors, listed in octagon rules for concrete.

The increase of the crushed granite content in the concrete increases the lifetime of the tool, but decreases its cutting speed.

Increasing the depth of cutting up to a hollow groove also increases the lifetime of the tool at the expense of cutting speed.

Increased air temperature leads to increasing of lifetime and cutting speed of the blade.

An increase in the reinforcement of concrete also lowers the lifetime and cutting speed.

An increase in concrete moisture or water feed into the cutting zone leads to an increase in cutting speed but lowers the lifetime.

Decreasing the thickness of work blank during cutting through increases cutting speed but decreases lifetime of the tool.

Increasing the power of the equipment leads to an inincrease of cutting speed and lifetime.

Lowering the concrete grade also leads to increase of cutting speed and lifetime.

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