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flex abrasive cut-off and grinding wheels, what's in it?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Abrasives for use in the manufacturing sector must be secured or designed for different tools according to different formulas, including cutting and grinding discs. steel cut-off wheel Made of brown aluminum oxide on a Bakelite bond that gives strength to the cutting disc and prevents the fragmentation from spreading in the event of a disc break or damage. Stainless Steel Cut-off wheel Different from an iron cutting disc in its composition: Iron, sulfur, and chlorine are not included in this alloy. This type of cutting disc prevents contamination of the cutting material during processing. The cutting disc has different external diameters, disc thickness, and different drill diameters. The cutting disc diameter affects the depth of the cut; The thickness of the disc is selected according to the thickness of the cut metal. Complex cutting discs on cutting machines with a special screw housing and a drill bit pressed through a metal ring - to increase wheel strength. Stone/concrete cut-off wheel Made of black silicon carbide on Bakelite interconnecting. The alloy used in the production of the stone cutting discs gives the disc a high hardness and strength in cutting concrete structures, refactors, and natural and artificial stones. grinding wheel Consists of brown aluminum oxide on the Bakelite bond. The maximum speed for this type of disc is 80 meters/second. Grinding discs are used to clean and expose steel products with different ratings. It prevents contamination of the work surfaces of tiny products and cracks. Bakelite bond Composed of Bakelite - a synthetic resin made of carbolic acid and formaldehyde. Discs made of this bond are strong, flexible, allow high peripheral speed but are destroyed by basic coolant. To prevent this, it is recommended to soak the wheel with paraffin. The disadvantage of the Bakelite connector is the loss of heating strength above 180 degrees Celsius. In order to reduce the roughness of the machined surfaces, the Bakelite linker grinding tool is sometimes filled with graphite. Bakelite interconnector reduces component warming, provides a high-quality interior finish, and has higher strength compared to ceramic bond, and grows under constant load.

Aluminum oxide Or alloy corundum (Al2O3) is a crystalline aluminum oxide (A/O) made from bauxite clay containing about 60% aluminum. It is called alloy corundum due to the technology used to produce it in electric arc furnaces. The purity percentage of aluminum oxide (94-99%) and the degree of hardness make it one of the types of granules used for the production of grinding wheels and cutting or other grinding tools for wood and metal processing.

Silicon carbide (SiC)

is the result of the synthesis of oil with natural quartz sand in an electric furnace heated to a temperature higher than 2,000 degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, the mixture crystallizes to form silicon carbide. The silicon carbide (S/C) has solid grains with an orderly crystalline structure with an extremely high cutting capacity that allows to the efficient process of paints and varnishes, broth, ceramic and stone materials, aluminum, and titanium, as well as rubber and various polymers.

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