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How to choose diamond tools correctly?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

When choosing diamond tools, it is necessary to be guided by the following parameters:

· Type of equipment used

· Type and size of diamond tools used on the equipment

· The inner hole (diameter of the hole, thread) used on the equipment

· The main cutting conditions of the equipment

· The processed material, its properties

· The size of work blanks and type of operation used

The cutting layer of the tool (diamond layer) is composed of diamonds and bond. The hardness characteristics of the diamond determine the lifetime of the tool. The bond is selected based on abrasive properties of the processed material.

Optimal wear of diamond layer:

High effectiveness of diamond crystals at work, optimal wear of metal bond

Optimal wear of diamond layer is due to the following factors: used tool is appropriate for the processed material, cutting conditions correspond to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Increased wear of diamond layer:

Lack of effectiveness of diamond crystals at work due to their fall-out, “soft” metal bond

Soft bond will wear off faster than diamonds and they will fall out from diamond layer without lasting their lifetime. This way, for simultaneous wear of bond and diamonds, a certain correlation of abrasiveness and hardness of material is needed.

Insufficient dressing of diamond layer:

Polishing (fouling) of cutting edges of diamond crystals, high hardness of the metal bond

Bond with high degree of hardness will wear off slower than diamonds and this will cause performance to drop due to not enough exposure of diamonds. In this case, the tool will loosen its cutting characteristics.

It should be remembered, that one of the main reasons for loosing efficiency of diamond tools is violation of recommended cutting instructions: linear cutting speed, cutting feed rate, depth of cut, the working conditions of the equipment, etc. For this reason, when choosing diamond tools, it is necessary to make sure of tool’s applicability to work with given material and appropriate equipment. Only by complying with these two conditions, it is possible to achieve maximum effect from using diamond tools.

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