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How to correctly choose a drilling tool?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

To choose the appropriate drilling tool it is necessary to consider the equipment to be used, material to process and the work conditions. For drilling process manual drilling machines can be used, as well as machines with rigid mounting of the engine to the stand base. It is necessary to consider that when drilling manually the maximum diameter of the drill bit can be 62 mm. In case of using a drill bit of a larger diameter there is not enough muscle power, drilling process will be very slow, and with high possibility of injury to the operator in case of jamming of the drill bit.

The most important parameter in choosing the equipment is the engine power of the drilling machine (see Table “Classification of segments”) Using the same diameter of the drill bit on the more powerful machine then recommended, will cause a very fast wear of the drill bit or its breakage as a result in deformation of segments or the core body. If the less powerful drilling machine is used – the drilling speed will be very slow. (see Table “Classification of segments”)

Note that in case of choosing a softer segment then recommended, the wear off of the drill will be faster. Using a harder segment will lead to slower drilling speed and overall productivity of work.

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