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How to work with angle grinder

• Always work protective gear.

• Pay attention to the condition of the mounting flange. Visually check in idle mode the rotation of the blade and existing face runout.

• Very often it is possible to minimize the face runout by turning the mounting flange 180 degrees.

• Paper spacer between the blade and clamp flange (nut) will ease the subsequent unwinding.

• If using the extension cord – spin it fully. Angle grinder should be plugged into the grid using 2*2.5 mm cable size and automation not less than 15A.

• Never change the rotation direction of the blade. This will lead to thinning of the diamond layer and grinding over of the core.

• In case of cutting speed decrease, reduce the feed effort or depth of the cut, allowing the dressing of the diamonds.

• Reinforcement should be cut by swaying angle grinder front to back (in the direction of the cut) , while changing the depth of the cut.

• If the diamond layer became dark, let the blade cool, or better dress (sharpen)* the blade.

• The lesser the feed effort, the more control over the precision of the cut.

• Try to avoid deep continuous cuts.

• Protect the core: minimize the grinding over the material.

• Change the cutting ways during work – straight, pendulum, shuttle.

• Try not to dismount the blade from the angle grinder until the full wear of the diamond layer.

• Especially blades for ceramics and granite.

• After each mounting the blade should be broke- in (worn-in)* to minimize the radial runout and chipping of the blank.

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