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What characterizes products made in Europe compared to products made in China?

In general, it can be said that there is a quality tag that says that a particular product came from China, and a particular product came from Europe. That is why we are familiar with the well-known phrase "creator in China". This is actually one of the most well-known and common expressions in the world when it comes to the world of manufacturing because China is actually one of the countries that export the most goods in the world. Therefore, on many products around the world is written "Creator in China". Similarly, in the late 2000s, began to consider, using a similar tag for products made in Europe. This is to distinguish and differentiate, and as to indicate a particular quality standard. Of course, each factory is its own master - there are excellent factories in China as well as excellent factories in Europe -

And yet, it seems that, in general, those attributed to China, produced in China - are perceived, at least in the eyes of Western society - as having lower quality. It is not challenging to think why this is so - if one considers all sorts of cases in which it has been declared that such and other products made in China, are of low quality. If these are not toys for children that have lead colors - so do not come in contact with them, and certainly do not put them in the mouth - a matter that can be a bit interesting in light of the fact that this is what children tend to do with their toys, at least in some cases. As well as, other cases, of toys made in China - which are simple, cheap, and accessible - and yet, do not survive for long. Whether it's a product that would have looked good at first glance, but in terms of long-term durability - it just did not succeed in the journey. There may be a particular defect, or level of finish and assembly, or just something in the composition of the materials - that failed to be used in the long run.

The cost of the cheap stuff

So on the one hand it can be wonderful to buy things cheaply, and even "for free", if they come "as a toy in a children's dish" in McDonald's, for example - it can very much create a certain stigma around the tag "Made in China", when many products imported from this country actually seem At a lower quality standard - not everyone, not all the time, we can not say we know this one hundred percent. But if we go for this principle, and assume that China has an interest in producing things at a low cost and sending them out of the country - then we can assume that the emphasis is on cost, not quality. So, if we want to compare something that is made in China with something that is made in Europe - we can just ask - does the European factory take care of quality? Does the cost justify the quality of the product? The finish, the composition, the designation that is possible as the way of using the product? If so, we may have a business with a factory that has a great and reliable quality tag.

In general, European enterprises are not known in the collective consciousness as those that emphasize cost over quality, that is, those that will offset quality in order to produce something at a lower cost. And yet - there are some and there are some. For example, there are Chinese factories that operate in Europe - so they can also win the "Creator in Europe" badge, and there are factories that operate in China, which can be quality-focused. Therefore, it is not a schema or a map that should be consulted in order to know whether a product is quality or not, but simply strive to discover and receive the best quality thing, regardless of its origin. If it is a product from China, it may be that due to history it may be better to do a certain and in-depth examination that there is indeed an emphasis on quality, if it is a required quality. But so it is, says, with European enterprises.

Strive to serve quality

In our case, we strive to serve our customers with quality products, so we just do not deal with products that come from China, whether they know and can export something quality or not - we made the decision to go with the European Pole, and stick to it for many of our products, out of a mission to provide a high degree of quality.

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