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What is the EFT technology for diamond cutting discs?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

EFT technology was recently developed in our factory in Germany. By developing EFT Technology we have been able to break through traditional industrial processes of segmented diamond cutting blade.

The unique and innovative process we created together with this patent is based on counterfeit and applied manufacturing technologies. As a result:

EFT technology guarantees full production automation

EFT technology ensures consistent quality according to all ISO rules we adhere to

EFT technology is very effective

EFT technology brings a higher level of safety

EFT technology enables the integration of new materials in a way that has not yet been possible

EFT technology offers the option of embedding your own letters or logos in a segment

EFT technology enables ultra-high density segments to be combined with optimization and optimization of raw materials

Using all of the above, our diamond blades are equipped with EFT technology segments allowing users to cut excellent work in terms of cutting speed and lifetime of the blade, a situation that was previously impossible. The image below shows a comparison between a standard segment and a segment produced by EFT technology in terms of relative cutting speed and the lifetime of the blades.

Diamond cutting blades made with EFT technology are showing significantly lower vibration levels during cutting compared with competing diamond cutting blades when cutting with a free hand. Small, parallel gullets between the segments result in a very smooth cutting behavior, even with our 17mm (double diamond height) segments.

The image below shows a comparison of low-vibration EFT technology with standard diamond cutting blades with standard gullets.

Safety is another important advantage of diamond cutting blades using EFT technology. The welding area has a particularly high welding density and is free from pores. Welding in this way significantly increases the resistance of the segments to breaking or falling from the steel core at the time of cutting, as compared to standard technology.

The image below shows a comparison of the welding at diamond cutting blades features with EFT technology compared to standard diamond cutting blades in terms of the absolute resistance of the segments to breakage or fall in cutting.

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