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Aluminum Oxide (A/O) flap disc is designed for grinding and polishing of steel and iron from a large core grit 36 for rough cleaning to a very small core grit 120 for a perfect finish. Flap disc is necessary for various steel grinding work such as: corrosion removal, settling, welding treatment, paint removal and metal surface treatment. Our flap is characterized by smooth work, erosion equality, high productivity and long product life. The PRO model is characterized by a significantly larger amount of abrasive material than the BASIC model.


Flap Disk comes in two different disk structures:
T27- Flat structure. Designed for angles of 0 to 15 degrees
T29 - conical structure. Designed for working at edges and contours at angles of 15 to 25 degrees

115mm Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc

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