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segmented diamond blade. This blade was designed for use with an angle grinder, floor machine and petrol saw. The cutting of the saw is a fast and efficient when cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete, curbs, pavement, blocks, fire bricks and more.
This blade has an optimal cut-off speed over a lifetime. Its main advantage lies in its design as a saw for abrasive concrete and other abrasive building materials, thus allowing it an exceptionally long life. blades exceeding 232 mm in diameter can also work with coolant.
This blade is designed to work with angle grinders up to 232 mm in diameter and in higher diameters with low-power and medium power machines (between 4 and 9 kW) such as floor saws and petrol saws. The saws in above 304 mm diameter are capable of working with petrol saws without the need for floor adapter, optimal cutting speed to lifetime ratio.
This blade is of a PRO series
This blade is available in dimensions: 115mm (4.5"), 125mm (5"), 150mm (6"), 232mm (9"), 304mm (12"), 354mm (14"), 404mm (16"), 454mm (18") ), 504mm (20") and 604mm (24")
Manufacturer Country: Germany
Production Country: Ukraine


CLASSIC, segmented diamond blade

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